This section of the Dickinson Electronic Archives (DEA) features "digital articles," critical performances that coordinator Martha Nell Smith has, in the past, called "samplers." As the goals of the reader's edition Open Me Carefully: Emily Dickinson's Intimate Letters to Susan Huntington Dickinson are distinctly different from Correspondence with Susan Dickinson, so the goals of these digital presentations depart from those of Emily Dickinson's Correspondences (EDC). These digital articles now serve as samplers of what can be accomplished when shaping critical arguments via new media. As do printed critical articles and monographs, these digital articles have a strong interpretive drive, presenting evidence in order to tell particular critical stories and to make critical arguments. This interpretive role is what sets apart these critical articles from the offerings of the scholarly editions contained in Emily Dickinson's Correspondences, as they seek to persuade audiences that a particular interpretation is viable. The argument or goal of each is most simply put as follows:

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