America in the Nineteenth Century, Virtually Yours

April & May Schedule

The last seven seminar sessions will feature student projects that may range across topics such as authorship, abolition, slavery, suffrage, the Civil War, the Westward Expansion, women's rights, poetry in volumes, in periodicals, and on the lecture circuit, novels in volumes, in periodicals, and online, the explosion of magazine/journal production, or any other topic of especial of interest to a seminar comrade. Projects may be individually produced or part of a group effort. Presentation times will be used to generate feedback. While students are encouraged to produce a scholarly website, a more conventional seminar paper is also acceptable.

April 5
Stephanie Fitz, "Rethinking The United States Sanitary Commission"
Koritha Mitchell

April 12
Laura Wells, "Emily Dickinson's Punctuation"
Amy Hobbs

April 19
Danielle Hatchett
Shaun Thomas

April 26
Ed Whitley, "Anglicizing the Archive: Including British Editions of Leaves of Grass on the Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive"
Jarom McDonald, "Late 19th century academic attitudes on the relationship between poetry and the 'scentific spirit'"

May 3
Dwan Henderson
Jennifer Moore

May 10
Erin Gyomber, "Pioneer/Frontier/Western Women Reading and Writing"
Christine Moritz


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