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This version of the poem is as faithful as possible a "print" translation of Dickinson's own version of the poem that we find in Fascicle 28 of her manuscripts. Johnson's version of the poem is the closest to this version but Johnson altered the poem significantly in order to make it four quatrains.   Although he argues that Dickinson "intended" the poem to be that way and that she simply ran out of room at the right side of the page, Johnson was forced to change the upper case "A" in line 2 and the upper case "E" in line 16 to lower case letters in order to fit his structure.  Evidence, I would say, of other "intentions."

I reckon - when I count
At all -
First - Poets - Then the Sun -
Then Summer - Then the
Heaven of God -
And then - the List is done-

But - looking back - the
First so seems
To Comprehend the Whole -
The Others look a needless Show -
So I write - Poets - All -

Their Summer - lasts a Solid
Year -
They can afford a Sun
The East - would deem
Extravagant -
And if the Further Heaven -

Be Beautiful as they prepare
For Those who worship Them -
It is too difficult a Grace -
To justify the Dream -

Other -/ final

to -       Trust in/Ask of -