letters from dickinson to kate anthon

spring 1866?

Thank you Katie, it was relief, you hadn't spoke so long, I got a bad whim-

Please don't leave Emily again, it gnarls her character! You say winter was long. We thought so, too, but it went by- Call nothing long, Katie, that stops! I read about your fire, in the "Midnight Cry"- Vinnie's favorite journal- "Katie is doubtless ashes," I thought, I'm much obliged to God for not burning you up. Sue's little boy rides by with a long stick in his hand, beating imaginary beasts.- He is fond of Hens and other Songsters, and visits a colt in our barn demidaily: The decease of a cat connected with the estate solemnized us Friday.- "Tabby" is still on "praying ground." and catches dandelions mistaking them for Topaz mice,-Will folks get rested, Katie?- You spoke of "Heaven" you know. "I" will take so many beds. Theres you & me & Vinnie & the "other house". & the Israelites & those Hittite folks, it does appear confused to me!- Come & have tea with us again Katie! How it rained that night! We must take many a tea together in a Northeast storm o' Saturday nights, before Da Vinci's Supper!

So tired Katie, so good night Speak, will it more to Emily-

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