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Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 18

MANUSCRIPT: Mount Holyoke College. Ink. Dated: Mt Holyoke. Seminary. Novr 6. 1847.

PUBLICATION: L (1894) 27-31, in part; LL 124-127, in part: Mt. Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly IX (1926), 153-155, entire; L (1931) 24-28, in part.

Edward Dickinson was a member of the executive council (1846-1847) of Governor George N. Briggs; both Briggs and his wife had been over-night guests in the Dickinson home. Olivia Coleman, the older sister of ED's friend Eliza, died at Princeton, New Jersey, on September 23, two days before ED had left Amherst for South Hadley. Her father Lyman Coleman, currently teaching at the College of New Jersey (Princeton), had been principal of Amherst Academy (1844-1846) when ED was a student there.

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