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Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 20

MANUSCRIPT: HCL (ARS 5). Dated: Mt. Hol. Fem. Sem. Jan. 17, 1848. Addressed on the fold: Miss Abiah Root./Care of. Miss. Mary. Campbell./Springfield./Mass. Postmarked: South Hadley Mass. Jan. 19.

PUBLICATION: L (1894) 31-35; LL 128-129, in part; L (1931) 29-32, in part.

No Christmas recess customarily was granted at this time in New England schools and colleges, for the season was still associated in the orthodox Congregational mind with other Christian orthodoxies which were strongly disapproved. At Mount Holyoke a two-week holiday was scheduled between the terms, and ED was to go home again on the twenty-first of the month. Helen H. Palmer was last mentioned in a letter to Abiah written in the previous spring (no. 15).

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