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Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 71

MANUSCRIPT: AC. Ink. Dated: Wednesday evening. Envelope addressed: Wm Austin Dickinson./Care of Joel Norcross./31 - Milk St./Boston./Mass. Postmarked: Amherst Ms Jan 29. The final two paragraphs are on a separate slip of paper.

PUBLICATION: Home 211-214.

Both Benjamin E. Thurston and Daniel Bliss were seniors in Amherst College. Bliss, who was nearly thirty years old, married Abby Wood in 1855, and went as missionary to Syria, not to China. Haven's lecture, "The Art of Instructing the Deaf and Dumb," was given on January 27. Dr. William Wesselhoft (1794-1858) was a well-known physician from Germany who practiced medicine in Boston from 1841 until his death.

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