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8 March 1853

Dear Austin.

Dont feel lonely, for we think of you all the time, and shall love you and recollect you all the while you are gone. Your letter made us all feel sadly, and we had a sober evening thinking of you at Cambridge, while we were all at home.

I hope you are better now, and like the looks of things better than you thought you should at first. You were perfectly tired out when you went away from home and I thought you'd feel rather lonely until you got rested a little and then things would look bright again. I am glad you think of us, and think you would like to see us, for I've thought a good many times that you would soon forget us, on giving away from home. I dont think you can miss us more than we do you, Austin, and dont think we have forgotten you, because you are away.

I am glad you found a letter waiting for you from Sue for I think it must have made things seem a little more like home.

I hav'nt heard from her yet. I dont much expect to now - though I wrote her again on Saturday. I had a letter for Sue directed to my care last evening - the outside envelope in Mr Learned's hand, and containing one from Martha. I shall send it to Sue today.

Father went to New York, this morning - he thinks he shall come home Thursday, tho' he dont know certainly.

We have sent you a table cover this morning by Mr Green - also two little wash cloths, which we found and thought you would like. Mother wants me to tell you if there's anything else you would like, that you must let us know and we will send it to you by the first opportunity - also to send your washing home every time you can find a chance, and your clothes shall be well taken care of. Above all things, take care of yourself, and dont get sick away, for it would be very lonely for you to be sick among strangers, and you're apt to be careless at home. What a time you must have had getting on in the snow storm! We felt very anxious about you - mother, particularly, and wondered how you would get through, and yet I knew you never had any trouble anywhere, and I really did'nt think that with you on board the cars, there could anything happen. But Austin, you are there - the time will soon be over, and we shall all be together again as we were of old - you know how fast time can fly, if we only let it go - then recollect dear Austin, that none of us are gone where we cannot come home again, and the separation here are but for a little while. We will write again very soon.


Mother and Vinnie send much love, and say you must'nt be lonely. I have done what you wanted me to.

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