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5 June 1853

Dear Austin.

It is Sunday, and I am here alone. The rest have gone to meeting, to hear Rev Martin Leland. I listened to him this forenoon in a state of mind very near frenzy, and feared the effect too much to go out this afternoon. The morning exercises were perfectly ridiculous, and we spent the intermission in mimicking the Preacher, and reciting extracts from his most memorable sermon. I never heard father so funny. How I did wish you were here. I know you'd have died laughing. Father said he didn't dare look at Sue - he said he saw her bonnet coming round our way, and he looked "straight ahead" - he said he ran out of meeting for fear somebody would ask him what he tho't of the preaching. He says if anyone asks him, he shall put his hand to his mouth, and his mouth in the dust, and cry, Unclean - Unclean!! But I hav'nt time to say more of Martin Leland, but I wish you were here today, Austin, and could hear father talk, and you would laugh so loud they would hear you way down in Cambridge. Vinnie and I got your letters just about bedtime last evening. I had been at Sue's all the evening and communicated to her the fact that they had not come. She had felt all the time she said, perfectly sure that [remainder of letter missing, Postcript on first page]: All send love to you Austin - write us again very soon - I am glad for "The Honeysuckle."

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