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8 July 1853

Dear Austin -

I must write you a little before the cars leave this noon - just to tell you that we got your letter last evening, and were rejoiced to hear from you after so long a time, and that we want to see you, and long to have you come, much more than I can tell you -

We did'nt know what to make of it that we did'nt hear from you, but owed it to the post masters on the way, and not to you, but now we know you've had company, you are rather more excusable -

Susie was here last night, saying she'd had a letter, and that we should have one at home before bedtime, which we did about 10 -o'clock, when father came home from the office. Now Austin - we hav'nt written you oftener, because we've had so much company, and so many things to do. We want to get all our work done before you come home, so as not to be busy sewing when we want to see you; that's why we dont write oftener. You dont know how much we think of you, or how much we say, or how wish you were here every hour in the day, but we have to work very hard, and cannot write half as often as we want to to you. We think you dont write to us any, and we must all be patient until you get home, and then I rather think we shall wipe out old scores in a great many good talks. You say it is hot and dry. It is very dry here, tho' now for two or three days the air is fine and cool - Everything is so beautiful, it's a real Eden here; how happy we shall be roaming round it together! The trees are getting over the effect of the Canker worm, and we hope we may have some apples yet, tho' we cant tell now - but we feel very thankful that the leaves are not all gone, and there's a few green things which hav'nt been carried away - Mother expects to go to Monson tomorrow afternoon, to spend the Sabbath - They want very much to have her, and we think she had better go - She will come home Monday afternoon -

Vinnie will write what she thinks about Mary Nichols' coming in her next. What would please you about it? I want you should all do what will make you the happiest - after that I dont care.

I am glad you have enjoyed seeing Gould - About something for Mother - I think it would please her very much if you should bring her something, tho' she would'nt wish you to get anything very expensive -

Vinnie and I will think of something and write you what next time - I hope to send father's Daguerrotype before you come, and will if I can get any safe opportunity. We shall write you again in a day or two, and all send our love -

Your aff sister

Emilie -

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