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8 November 1853

Dear Austin -

It seems very lonely without you. Just as I write it snows, and we shall have a storm. It makes me think of Thanksgiving, when we are all here again. Sue was with us yesterday afternoon, and as usual walked up to Miss Baker's with Vinnie -

I got my plants in yesterday, and it was so cold last night that the squashes all had to be moved.

We shall move the table into the sitting room today, and with a cheerful fire, and only one thing wanting, you can think just how we look. I guess things at the house are getting along pretty well, tho' father said this morning he almost wished he's persuaded you to stay until after Thanksgiving. Father went away, bidding us an affectionate good bye yesterday morning, having business in Springfield which would detain him all day, and perhaps until the next day, and returned at dinner time, just as the family were getting rather busy - Of course, we were delighted to be together again! After our long separation! Had a letter from Mat, last night, which I would enclose to you, but have just sent it to Sue. She spoke of you very affectionately, sent her love, and wanted you to write her. She enclosed a private letter to Sue. I hope you have got there safely, and found a pleasant home. It looks so bleak this morning that if you were me, at all, you might be inclined to be homesick; as you are not, I hope you're not.

I must not write any more, for there is'nt a moment to spare before this goes in the mail.

I'm afraid you cant read it now, I have written in such a hurry - We all send you our love, and hope you are happy, and think much of seeing you again.



PS. Pussy is well -

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