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10 November 1853

Dear Austin -

I was so glad to get your letter, and thank you for writing so soon. It does seem so strange without you, but we try to make the most of us, and get along pretty well.

The weather is very cold here. Day before yesterday, we had a snow storm - yesterday a terrible rain, and today the wind blows west, and the air is bitter cold. I am so glad you got there pleasantly, and feel so much at home. Mr Dwight preached beautifully Sunday, and I knew you w'd miss him.

Mrs Fay is moving today, and Father is so solemn -

I do wish he would "look more cheerful" - I think the Artist was right -

Sue was here day before yesterday, but it stormed and blew so yesterday, no one could get out, and therefore we did not see her.

Father remarked yesterday that he would like it very well if you were here to vote. For all you differ, Austin - he cant get along without you, and he's been just as bleak as a November day, ever since you've been gone. You asked me about the railroad - Everybody seems pleased at the change in the arrangement. It sounds so pleasantly to hear them come in twice. I hope there will be a bell soon. We are talking about it this morning. Write very often, Austin. You are coming next week Saturday, you know, and the Roosters are ripening!

The family party is to be at "Miss Willim's"!

Good bye.


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