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20 December 1853

Well Austin - dear Austin - you have got back again, Codfish and Pork and all - all but the slippers, so nicely wrapped to take, yet found when you were gone, under the kitchen chair. I hope you wont want them - Perhaps you have some more there - I will send them by opportunity - should there be such a thing. Vinnie proposed franking them, but I fear they are rather large! What should you think of it. It is'nt every day that we have a chance to sponge Congress - I wish Vinnie could go as a member - She'd save something snug for us all, besides enriching herself, but Caesar is such "an honorable man" that we may all go to the Poor House, for all the American Congress will lift a finger to help us -

Sue went round collecting for the charitable societies today, and calling on Miss Kingsbury in the exercise of that function, the gentle miss remarked that she "would'nt give a cent, nobody gave her anything, and she would'nt give them anything," i.e. nobody - she "had to do all the work,["] besides taking care of "her" referring Sue supposed to the proprietor of a huge ruffled night cap, protruding from a bed in their spacious apartment. Sue said the gate went "shang, wang, wang" as she passed out of it.

The usual rush of callers, and this beleaguered family as yet in want of time - I do hope immortality will last a little while, but if the Adams' should happen to get there first, we shall be driven there. Vinnie has the headache today. She intends to increase the friction, and see what that will do! She dont believe a word of the man without any action - thinks it is one of your hoaxes - Vinnie went down yesterday to see about the Horse, and found everything right.

We heard from Father last night and again tonight. He is coming home on Thursday. He alludes to you several times.

We were real glad to get your note, and to know that all was well. Sue shall have hers early tomorrow morning - Will that be soon enough? She has been here this afternoon. She is going to send the letters you spoke of, directly. Well Austin - you are gone, and the wheels roll slowly on - nobody to laugh with - talk with, nobody down in the morning to make the fun for me! Take care of your lunghs, Austin - take that just as I told you, and pretty soon you'll be well.

Emilie -

Hope you can read it. I have written to Clark, today, so will Vinnie - Write me just as soon as you can. Mother's love, and Vinnie's.

6 o'clock      Wednesday morn

Dear Austin - I add a word to say that I've got the fires made and waked the individuals, and the Americans are conquering the British on the teakettle. Hope you are happy this morning - hope you are well - Have you taken your medicine yet? Write the effect of it. Will not proceed to get breakfast consisting of hash and brown bread - Dessert - A. Sauce. I shall have to employ a Reporter. Wish you a merry breakfast - wish you were here with me. The bath goes briskly on -

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