letters from dickinson to austin dickinson

27 December 1853

I will write to you Austin, tho' everything is so busy, and we are all flying round as if we were distracted. We send you a little box, containing some good things to help you on your way, and I hope they will please you.

Take good care of yourself, Austin until you get home again, and then we will take care of you - You must have a good time with father - He seems very happy at home, and I guess is happy at Washington - [Sue was with me?] yesterday - I found a - I wont tell you tho' till you get home, and hope you are always glad. Father is going now. They have just finished oysters - I wish you could have some.

Love -


Mother wants you to save the box - I have written Emilie Ford. If Clark has come, give our love to him -

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