letters from dickinson to austin dickinson

5 January 1854

Austin -

George Howland has just retired from last evening's visit here, and I gather my spent energies to write a word to you - "Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness' sakes, for they shall have their reward"! Dear Austin - I dont feel funny, and I hope you wont laugh at anything I say. I am thinking of you and Vinnie, what nice times you are having, sitting and talking together, while I am lonely here, and I wanted to sit and think of you, and fancy what you were saying, all the evening long, but ---- ordained otherwise. I hope you will have grand times, and dont forget the unit without you, at home.

I have had some things from you, to which I perceived no meaning. They either were very vast, or they did'nt mean anything, I dont know certainly which. What did you mean by a note you sent me day before yesterday? Father asked me what you wrote and I gave it to him to read - He looked very much confused and finally put on his spectacles, which did'nt seem to help him much - I dont think a telescope would have assisted him.

I hope you will write to me - I love to hear from you, and now Vinnie is gone, I shall feel very lonely. Susie has been with me today - she is a dear sister to me - She will write and enclose with mine.

Father and Mother are going to South Hadley tomorrow, to be gone all day, and Sue I guess will come to spend the day with me. Prof. Haven will give a Lyceum Lecture next Monday Eve - Subject - Power Ottoman in Europe. There will be a Temperance Lecture in the Hall tomorrow evening. The Academy and Town Schools have been riding "En Masse" this afternoon, and have got home this evening, singing as they came. Well - we were all boys once, as Mrs. Partington says.

Jerry has been to ride today - Left home at Eight this morning - Goal - South Hadley Falls -

Suppose he will return sometime during the evening -

He takes good care of the horse - When shall you come home Austin? We do want to see you again - You must come as soon as you and Vinnie think best, for she will want you some - Dont mind the writing, Austin - for I'm so tired tonight, I can hardly hold my pencil. Love for them all, if there are those to love and think of me, and more and most for you, from


If it's perfectly convenient, when you come, I should like the vial filled, which you took away with you -

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