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7 October 1851

Dear Austin.

Father has just decided to go to Boston. I have no time to write. We send you a few of our grapes - wish they were nicer - wish too we had some peches. I send one remaining one - only a frost one. It expresses my feelings - that is pretty much all.

Was so glad to hear from you - even a word is valued.

I know how busy you are, I dont think it strange not to hear more. Howland was here yesterday. Gone today. Thompson was here Saturday - drank tea with us - dont mean to teach in Sunderland after this week. I have tried Dr Jackson's prescription and find myself better for it. I have used it all up now and wish you would get me some more at the same place if you can. Father has the Recipe, and will give it to you. I should like to have you get three or four times the quantity contained in the Recipe, as it is so good an opportunity, and I think it benefits me much. Martha sends her love - is well. Bowdoin is better and back again. Spencer is very sick, and will probably not live long.

You will be here soon dear Austin, and then away with my pen. Dont get sick these cool days when fevers are around! Vinnie's love - not that she cares particularly about seeing Edmund Converse, but after what was said, she only wanted to be polite, that's all. Our regards to Mr McCurdy, if you are a mind to give them. Love -


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