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21 April 1852

Austin -

I wanted to write you Sunday - I was much disappointed not to, but we have had a long, and unexpected visit from some cousins in Syracuse, and I've had so much to do that I could not write before, but I have thought of you very often during this dismal storm - and hoped you were well, and not unhappy. It storms furiously now - and the rain and hail take turns beating the windows. The sun has'nt shone since Saturday, all that time the wind's blown almost a constant gale, and it has been drear enough. Vinnie said to me this morning, that "things had'nt seemed natural since Austin went away" - and I dont think they have, but I hope you are happy, and dont miss us much now. I dont think I should mind the weather if Susie, and you were here, but I feel so very lonely now, when it storms - and the wind blows. I will tell you about the cousins. You have heard father speak of his cousin, Pliny Dickinson, of Syracuse. He has had two daughters in Hanover, at Mrs Austin Dickinson's school - there is a vacation there, and he has been on to Hanover for the girls. Cousin Harriet heard he was coming, and she and Zebina wrote - urging him and his daughters to visit them. They arrived on Saturday noon, passed that night at Cousin Harriet's, and then proposed coming here. Of course, we told them they might - and having got our permission, they came home with us from meeting - and stayed until yesterday noon, when they went back to Cousin Harriet's.

Cousin Pliny says he "might stay around a month, visiting old acquaintances - if it was'nt for his business."

Fortunate for us indeed, that his business feels the need for him, or I think he would never go. He is a kind of compound of Deacon Haskell, Calvin Merrill, and Morton Dickinson, so you will easily guess how much we enjoy his society. The girls are pretty girls, very simple hearted and happy - and would be very interesting, if they had any body to teach them. The oldest, Lizzie, is nineteen - looks exactly Sarah Pynchon, and is very lively and bright, Sarah, the younger - fifteen, a sober little body - and has quite a pensive air, and a cough.

They will stay until May sometime, in Hatfield with their Grandmother - and then go back to Hanover.

Mattie is very well, was with us yesterday morning - inquired particularly for you, and sent her love to you. I have not heard from Sue, since you went away, but think I shall today. Mrs Bishop Tyler spent the day with us, last Friday - we enjoyed it very much. She has not gone to Pawtucket, and Lizzie is going today. Mary Lyman came Saturday - and I shall go see her just as soon as it clears off, for it's stormed ever since she came. She has been in Hanover - at the same school with these cousins - attending to French and music, and they have told us how much she said about you. Lizzie says "Miss Lyman thinks there never was such a fellow," and the girls admire her so much, that they think you must be most perfect - so to have won her regard.

The Fowler House is shut up, and E- and Willie are at Mrs Ferry's; I believe the Professor has gone.

I send you a schedule of yesterday - the Exhibition is said to have been a very fine one, tho' Mat and I did'nt go! We are thinking a great deal about May, and your coming home to see us. I hope we shall live and be well. I shall not allow Mrs Aiken to visit home at that time. I think she and David, can come some other time. I enclose my prescription, Austin, and if you can have the vial filled, and send it by Mr Watson, I should be very glad to have you, tho' dont, unless it's convenient. Wm Dickinson will take the valise - it is not certain whether he will go tomorrow, or Friday. We think a great deal about you, and all send you much love. You must write when you get the time.

Your very aff

Emilie -

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