letters from dickinson to bowles

To Mr. Samuel Bowles
From ED

early April 1859



I did not see you. I am very sorry. Shall I keep the Wine till you come again, or send it in by "Dick?" It is now behind the door in the Library, also an unclaimed flower. I did not know you were going so soon - Oh my tardy feet!

Will you not come again? Friends are gems - infrequent. Potosi is a care, Sir. I guard it reverently, for I could not afford to be poor now, after affluence. I hope the hearts in Springfield are not so heavy as they were - God bless the hearts in Springfield!

I am happy you have a "Horse." I hope you will get stalwart, and come and see us many years.

I have but two acquaintance, the "Quick and the Dead" - and would like more.

I write you frequently, and am much ashamed.

My voice is not quite loud enough to cross so many fields, which will, if you please, apologize for my pencil. Will you take my love to Mrs. Bowles, whom I remember every day.


Vinnie halloos from the world of nightcaps, "don't forget her love!"

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