letters from dickinson to bowles

To Samuel Bowles
From ED

about February 1861

Dear friend.

You remember the little "Meeting" - we held for you - last spring? We met again - Saturday - 'Twas May - when we "adjourned" - but then Adjourns - are all - The meetings wore alike - Mr. Bowles - The Topic - did not tire us - so we chose no new - We voted to remember you - so long as both should live - including Immortality. To count you as ourselves - except sometimes more tenderly - as now - when you are ill - and we - the haler of the two - and so I bring the Bond - we sign so many times - for you to read, when Chaos comes - or Treason - or Decay - still witnessing for Morning.

We hope - it is a tri-Hope - composed of Vinnie's - Sue's - and mine - that you took no more pain - riding in the sleigh.

We hope our joy to see you - gave of it's own degree- to you - We pray for your new health - the prayer that goes not down - hwne they shut the church - We offer you our cups - stintless - as to the Bee - the Lily, her new Liquors -

Would you like Summer? Taste of our's -
Spices? Buy, here!
Ill! We have Berries, for the parching!
Weary! Furloughs of Down!
Perplexed! Estates of Violet - Trouble ne'er looked on!
Captive! We bring Reprieve of Roses!
Fainting! Flasks of Air!
Even for Death - a Fairy Medicine -
But, which is it - Sir?


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