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To Mr. Samuel Bowles
From ED

October 1861

Perhaps you thought I did'nt care - because I stayed out, yesterday, I did care, Mr. Bowles. I pray for your sweet health - to "Alla" - every morning - but something troubled me - and I knew you needed light - and air - so I did'nt come. Nor have I the conceit that you noticed me - but I could'nt bear that you, or Mary, so gentle to me - should think me forgetful - It's little, at most - we can do for our's, and we must do that - flying - or our things are flown! Dear friend, I wish you were well -

It grieves me till I cannot speak, that you are suffering. Wont you come back? Cant I bring you something? My little Balm might be o'erlooked by wiser eyes - you know - Have you tried the Breeze that swings the Sign - or the Hoof of the Dandelion? I own 'em - Wait for mine!

This is all that I have to say - Kinsmen need say nothing - but "Swiveller" may be sure of the


Love for Mary.

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