letters from dickinson to bowles

To Samuel Bowles
From ED

early April 1862

Dear friend.

The Hearts in Amherst - ache - tonight - You could not know how hard - They thought they could not wait - last night - until the Engine - sang - a pleasant tune - that time - because that you were coming - The flowers waited - in the Vase - and love got peevish, watching - A Rail Road person, rang, to bring an evening paper - Vinnie tipped Pussy - over - in haste to let you in - and I, for Joy - and Dignity - held tight in my chair - My Hope put out a petal -

You would come - today - but Sue and Vinnie, and I, keep the time, in tears - We dont believe it - now - "Mr. Bowles - not coming"! Would'nt you - tomorrow - and this be but a bad Dream - gone by - next morning?

Please do not take our spring - away - since you blow Summer - out! We cannot count - our tears - for this - because they drop so fast - and the Black eye - and the Blue eye - and a Brown - I know - hold their lashes - Part - will go to see you - I cannot tell how many - now It's too hard - to plan - yet and Susan's little "Flask" - poor Susan - who doted so on putting it in your own hand -

Dear friend - we meant to make you - brave - but moaned - before we thought. If we should play 'twas Austin - perhaps we could'nt let him go - to do Goodnight - to you - If you'll be sure and get well - we'll try to bear it - If we could only care - the less - it would be so much easier - Your letter, troubled my throat. It gave that little scalding, we could now know the reason for, till we grow far up.

I must do my Goodnight, in crayon - I meant to - in Red. Love for Mary.


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