letters from dickinson to bowles

To Samuel Bowles
From ED

early summer 1862

Dear friend -

You go away - and where you go, we cannot come - but then the Months have many names - and each one comes but once a year - and though it seems they never could, they sometimes do - go by.

We hope you are more well, than when you lived in America - and that those Foreign people are kind, and true, to you. We hope you recollect each life you left behind, even our's, the least -

We wish we knew how Amherst looked, in your memory. Smaller than it did, maybe - and yet things swell, by leaving - if big in themselves - We hope you will not alter, but be the same we grieved for, when the "China" sailed. If you should like to hear the news, we did not die - here - We did not change. We have the Guests we did , except yourself - and the Roses hang on the same stems - as before you went. Vinnie trains the Honeysuckle - and the Robins steal the strings for Nests - quite, quite as they used to - I have the errand from my heart - I might forget to tell it. Would you please to come Home? The long life's years are scant, and fly away, the Bible says, like a told story - and sparing is a solemn thing, somehow, it seems to me - and I grope fast, with my fingers, for all out of my sight I own - to get it nearer -

I had one letter from Mary - I think she tries to be patient - but you would'nt want her to succeed, would you, Mr. Bowles?

It's fragrant new, to know they pine, when we are out of sight. It is most Commencement. The little Cousin from Boston, has come, and the Hearts in Pelham, have an added thrill. We shall miss you, most, dear friend, who annually smiled with us, at the Gravities. I question, if even Dr. Vaill, have this wonted applause.

Should anybody where you go, talk of Mrs. Browning, you must head for us - and if you touch her Grave, put one hand on the Head for me - her unmentioned Mourner -

Father and Mother, and Vinnie, and Carlo, send their love to you, and warm wish for you health - and I am taking lessons in prayer, so to coax God to keep you safe - Good night - dear friend. You sleep so far, how can I know how you hear?


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