letters from dickinson to bowles

To Samuel Bowles
From ED

about 1875

Dear friend.

It was so delicious to see you - a Peach before the time, it makes all seasons possible and Zones - a caprice.

We who arraign the "Arabian Nights" for their under statement, escape the stale sagacity of supposing them sham.

We miss your vivid Face and the besetting Accents, you bring from Numidian Haunts.

Your coming welds anew that strage Trinket of Life, which each of us wear and none of us own, and the phosphorescnce of your's startles us for it's permanence. Please rest the Life so many own, for Gems abscond -

In your own beautiful words, for the Voice is the Palace of all us, "Near, but remote,"


If we die, will you come for us, as you do for Father?
"Not born" yourself, "to die," you must reverse us all.

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