poems sent by dickinson to samuel bowles

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BULLET"I would distil a cup," (P 16)
BULLET"Of recollecting were forgetting," (P 33)
BULLET"If she had been the Mistletoe" (P 44)
BULLET"Her breast is fit for pearls," (P 84)
BULLET"A feather from the Whippowil" (P 161)
BULLET"'Faith' is a fine invention" (P 185)
BULLET"For this - accepted Breath -" (P 195)
BULLET"I stole them from a Bee -" (P 200)
BULLET"I Came to buy a smile - today -" (P 223)
BULLET"I've nothing else - to bring, You know -" (P 224)
BULLET"Jesus! thy Crucifix" (P 225)
BULLET"[Sh]ould you but fail [at] - Sea -" (P 226)
BULLET"So glad we are - a Stranger'd deem" (P 329)
BULLET"The Juggler's Hat her Country is -" (P 330)
BULLET"While Asters -" (P 331)
BULLET"Sweet - You forgot - but I remembered" (P 523)
BULLET"I'll send the feather from my Hat!" (P 687)
BULLET"'Speech' - is a prank of Parliament -" (P 688)
BULLET"The Zeroes - taught us - Phosphorus -" (P 689)
BULLET"Victory comes late -" (P 690)
BULLET"Would you like summer? Taste of ours." (P 691)
BULLET"Through the strait pass of suffering -" (P 792)
BULLET"Perhaps you think me stooping" (P 833)
BULLET"Before He comes we weigh the Time!" (P 834)
BULLET"Nature and God - I neither knew" (P 835)
BULLET"Title divine - is mine!" (P 1072)
BULLET"Just Once! Oh least Request!" (P 1076)
BULLET"Ourselves we do inter with sweet derision." (P 1144)
BULLET"He is alive, this morning -" (P 1160)
BULLET"As Summer into Autumn slips" (P 1346)
BULLET"After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside -" (P 1395)
BULLET"I have no Life but this -" (P 1398)
BULLET"Could mortal lip divine" (P 1409)

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