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Thomas Johnson's Note on Poem 994

MANUSCRIPTS: There are two. The fair copy (Bingham 98-4A-12) in pencil, reproduced above, was written about 1865. The diary of ED's cousin, Perez Dickinson Cowan, who was graduated from Amherst College in 1866, under date of 26 April 1864, records that ED presented him with a bouquet of flowers with this poem enclosed as a note. The diary is privately owned (Davies). The variant copy in packet 88 (Bingham 52c), below, was written about 1865:

Partake as doth the Bee -
Abstemiously -
The Rose is an Estate
In Sicily.

3-4] I know the Family
   in Tripoli.

PUBLICATION: BM (1945), 331. It follows the text of the packet copy. The suggested change is rejected.

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