letters from dickinson to perez d. cowan

October 1880

Dear Cousin -

The sweet Book found me on my Pillow, where I was detained or I should have thanked you immediately -

The little Creature must have been priceless - Your's, and not your's, how hallowed -

It may have been she came to show you Immortality - Her startling little flight would imply she did -

May I remind you what Paul said, or do you think of nothing else, these October Nights, without her Crib to visit? The little Furniture of loss has Lips of Dirks to stab us - I hope Heaven is warm - There are so many Barefoot ones - I hope it is near - the little Tourist was so small - I hope it is not so unlike Earth that we shall miss the peculiar form - the Mold of the Bird -

"And with what Body do they come?" -
Then they do come - Rejoice!
What Door - What Hour - Run - run - My Soul!
Illuminate the House!

"Body"! Then real - a Face - and Eyes -
To know that it is them! -
Paul knew the Man that knew the News -
He passed through Bethlehem -

With love for you and your sweet wife, "whom seeing not, we" trust.

Cousin Emily -

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