letters from dickinson to catherine sweetser

To Mrs. Joseph A. Sweetser
From ED

January 1882

It was the unanimous opinion of the Household that Aunt Katie never wrote so lovely a Letter and that it should be immediately replied to by each member of the Family, from the Geraniums down to the Pussies, but unforseen malignities prevented - Vinnie lost Sultans too - it was "Guiteau" Year - Presidents and Sultans were alike doomed -

One might possibly come up, having sown itself - if it should, you shall share - it is an Eastern Creature and does not like this Sail. I think it's first Exuberance was purely accidental - Last was a fatal season - an "Envious Worm" attacted them - then in early Autumn we had Midwinter Frost - "When God is with us, who shall be against us," but when he is against us, other allies are useless -

We were much amused at your "Gardener."

You portrayed his Treason so wittily it as more effective than Loyalty. He knew that Flowers had no Tongues -

We trust you are safe this Norwegian Weather, and "desire your Prayers" for another Snow Storm, just over our Heads, the Snows already repealing the Fences.

With love for your Health, and the promise of Sultans and Viziers too, if the Monarchs come -

Emily -

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