letters from dickinson to edward s. dwight

2 January 1862

Dear friend.

I made the mistake - and was just about to recall the note - misenveloped to you - and your's - to the other friend - which I just knew - when my "Sister's" face - put this world from mind - nor should I mention it - except from the familiar address - must have surprised your taste - I have the friend who loves me - and thinks me larger than I am - and to reduce a Glamour, innocently caused - I sent the little Verse to Him. Your gentle answer - undeserved, I more thank you for.

My little Sister's face - so dear - so unexpected - filled my eyes with the old rain - and I hid my face in my apron - my only shelter - now she sleeps - and wondered why a love was given - but just to tear away - I cared for Her - so long - she spoiled me for a ruder love - and other women - seem to me bristling - and very loud.

Do you remember telling me that I "should soon forget you both?" You did not mean to deceive me - but you made the mistake! If you please - I remember more - and not "less" - as you said. You thought the portrait "might remind me of my former friend."

I trust she is more my friend - today - when I cannot see her - and learn it from her own sweet lips.

The World is not the shape it was - when I went to your House - a little tipsy - maybe - that I could have a friend - so near - who found them at rare distances - as Mints - and precious stones - but I will not review a time - that cuts - at every step. You were very thoughtful - to you - will tell. It is exquisitely like her - we all think - and at Austin's - where it was borne in a little basket - through the storm - last night.

I do not ask if you are "better" - because split lives - never "get well" - but the love of friends - sometimes helps the Staggering - when the Heart has on it's great freight.

Dear friend - I read the verse - You must not deny your little Church - who "called" no pastor - yet - Again, - I thank you for the face - her memory did not need -

Sufficient troth - that she will rise -
Deposed - at last - the Grave -
To that new fondness - Justified -
by Calvaries of love -


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