letters from dickinson to ellen dickinson

late 1878

The sweet anniversary was not unheeded - nor that dear later Day which you and Willie have kept with us - Death has only a touch a trifle to make portentous (stupendous) - though a Past that is [sweet is] true has calmed a Pang - I am sure it will grieve you that Prof Lewes has died - for the Light of your home with Willie - will [teach] show you how dark (dim) - [where] it goes out - The dying of an ideal is more dreadful than that of a Person because it includes besides teh decease of a Pageant which [except] to [ourself never existed] - trust - guess - to us only existed Willie and his glasses are a pathetic Fiction (picture -) [John Anderson indeed is near] if they dont prevent his seeing his friends - I can tolerate them Memory's sweet eyes - I could not be balked by - I gave your message to mother which seemed to cheer her very much she grows dependent on dear words as the sick (sad) do I was sorry I could not write before and hope you will not think wrongly of it

I give my love which is most (newest -) new venerable times - and am fondly Willies and yours -

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venerable times -

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