letters from dickinson to abbie c. farley

June 1885

Dear friends -

When I opened the little Box and the vestal flower sprang out, an instant conviction of it's source overpowered me, and I did not attempt to dispute the Tears which were bolder than I.

Thank the sweet Mother who plotted, and the loved Daughter that executed the spotless commission. Again the vanished lived.

Can Jessamine outlast the Hand that bore it so joyously away? Then the Mutable is the elder - It lies beside the Portrait.

"Lovely in their Lives, and in their Death, not divided."

How entirely lovely in your Mother to remember one whom she has never seen! I trust she is still well, and may long be a Keepsake to us all.

One of Sue's noble Brothers has died, and Sue and Ned are expected tonight from an absence of two weeks, on that sad account - Mattie comes home occasionally for a Moment's Recess, and fast becomes an imperial Girl.

I hope you may have a charming Trip, and return refreshed.

You have indeed endured.

Can on scant year contain so much?

With Affection,


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