letters from dickinson to the emersons

Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 1018

MANUSCRIPT: missing. The text derives from a transcript (AC) made by Mrs. Todd.

PUBLICATION: L (1931) 394.

The Emersons were in Amherst during the week of 20 September 1885, as guests of President and Mrs. Seelye. Mr. Emerson preached at the First Church on Sunday the twentieth. The Emersons were now living in Newport, Rhode Island, where Mr. Emerson occuped a pulpit.

In referring to Helen Jackson, ED alludes to the deathbed moment of Keats, whose friend Joseph Severn was with him and reported Keats's last words: "Severn, lift me up, for I am dying. I shall die easy. Don't be frightened. Thank God it has come."

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