letters from dickinson to emily fowler ford

spring 1853

Dear Emily,

I come and see you a great many times every day, though I dont bring my body with me, so perhaps you dont know I'm there. But I love to come just as dearly, for nobody sees me then, and I sit and chat away, and look up in your face, and no matter who calls, if its "my Lord the King," he does'nt interrupt me. Let me say, dear Emily, both mean to come at a time, so you shall be very sure I am sitting by your side, and not have to trust the fancy.

I want very much to be with you a long while at a time, to talk as we used, "Lang Syne," and during this long spring I'm very sure I shall see you, and make up the winter's loss.

I hope you are better today, dear Emilie -

E -

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