letters from dickinson to mary haven

early summer 1858

Dear Mrs Haven -

Have you - or has Mr Haven - in his Library, either "Klosterheim," or "The Confessions of an Opium Eater," by De-Quincey? I have sent to Northampton, but cannot get them there, and they are missing just now, from the College Library. I thank you very much, should you have them, if you will please lend them to me - for tho' the hours are very full, I think I might snatch here and there a moment, if I had the books.

I hope you are happy this summer day, tho' I know you are lonely. I should love to pass an hour with you, and the little girls, could I leave home, or mother. I do not go out at all, lest father will come and miss me, or miss some little act, which I might forget, should I run away - Mother is much as usual. I know not what to hope of her. Please remember Vinnie and I, for we are perplexed often -

Affy -

Emilie -

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