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Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 352

MANUSCRIPT: BPL (Higg 65). Ink. Endorsed by TWH: R[eceived] Sept 27, 1870 (after my visit). Envelope addressed: Mr. Higginson.

PUBLICATION: AM LXVIII (October 1891) 453-454; L (1894) 315-316, in part; LL 276-277, in part; L (1931) 288-289.

Relative to the second paragraph: Higginson did in fact make a second call on ED in December 1873. Maria White Lowell's poems were posthumously issued in 1855. Higginson's article about a "Latch" could have been either of two, both on the subject of women's rights: "The Door Unlatched," in The Woman's Journal, 15 January 1870 (reprinted on the same day in the Springfield Republican); or "The Gate Unlatched," in The Woman's Journal, 9 July 1870. "The Hights of Abraham" may be intended to refer to Mount Moriah, but ED's evident fascination with the drama of the Wolfe-Montcalm conflict ("Wolfe demanded during dying") suggests that she had in mind the citadel above Quebec. The quotation is from Revelation 7.16: "They shall hunger no more..."

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