letters from dickinson to higginson

spring 1886

"Mars the sacred Loneliness"! What an Elegy! "From Mount Zion below to Mount Zion above"! said President Humphrey of her Father -Gabriel's Oration would adorn his Child-

When she came the last time she had in her Hand as I entered, the "Choir invisible."

"Superb," she said as she shut the Book, stooping to receive me, but fervor suffocates me. Thank you for "the Sonnet"- I have lain it at her loved feet.

Not knowing when Herself may come
I open every Door,
Or has she Feathers, like a Bird,
Or Billows, like a Shore-

I think she would rather have stayed with us, but perhaps she will learn the Customs of Heaven, as the Prisoner of Chillon of Captivity.

You asked had I read "the Notices."

I have been very ill, Dear friend, since November, bereft of Book and Thought, by the Doctor's reproof, but begin to roam in my Room now -

I think of you with absent Affection, and the Wife and Child I never have seen, Legend and Love in one-

Audacity of Bliss, said Jacob to the Angel "I will not let thee go except I bless thee"-Pugilist and Poet, Jacob was correct-

Your Scholar-

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