letters from dickinson to higginson

Cambridge, early June 1864

Dear friend,

Are you in danger -

I did not know that you were hurt. Will you tell me more? Mr Hawthorne died.

I was ill since September, and since April, in Boston, for a Physician's care - He does not let me go, yet I work in my Prison, and make Guests for myself -

Carlo did not come, because that he would die, in Jail, and the Mountains, I could not hold now, so i brought but the Gods -

I wish to see you more than before I failed - Will you tell me your health?

I am surprised and anxious, since receiving your note -

The only News I know
Is Bulletins all day
From Immortality.

Can you render my Pencil?

The Physician has taken away my Pen.

I enclose the address from a letter, lest my figures fail - Knowledge of your recovery - would excel my own -

E- Dickinson

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