letters from dickinson to higginson

early 1866

Dear friend.

Whom my Dog understood could not elude others.

I should be glad to see you, but think it an apparitional pleasure - not to be fulfilled. I am uncertain of Boston.

I had promised to visit my Physician for a few days in May, but Father objects because he is in the habit of me.

Is it more far to Amherst?

You would find a minute Host but a spacious Welcome -

Lest you meet my Snake and suppose I deceive it was robbed of me - defeated too of the third line by the punctuation. The third and fourth were one - I had told you I did not print - I feared you might think me ostensible. If I still entreat you to teach me, are you much displeased?

I will be patient - constant, never reject your knife and should my my [sic] slowness goad you, you knew before myself that

Except the smaller size
No lives are round -
These - hurry to a sphere
And show and end -
The larger - slower grow
And later hang -
The Summers of Hesperides
Are long.


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