letters from dickinson to higginson

about October 1870

The Riddle that we guess
We speedily despise -
Not anything is stale so long
As Yesterday's Surprise

The Risks of Immortality are perhaps its' charm - A secure Delight suffers in enchantment -

The larger Haunted House it seems, of maturer Childhood - distant, an alarm - entered intimate at last as a neighbor's Cottage -

The Spirit said unto the Dust
Old Friend, thou knewest me
And Time went out to tell the news
Unto Eternity -

Those of that renown personally precious, harrow like a Sunset, proved but not obtained -

Tennyson knew this, "Ah Christ - if it be possible" and even in Our Lord's ["]that they be with me where I am," I taste interrogation.

Experiment escorts us last -
His pungent company
Will not allow an Axiom
An Opportunity -

You speak of "tameless tastes" - A Beggar came last week - I gave him Food and Fire and as he went, "Where do you go,"

"In all the directions" -

That was what you meant

Too happy Time dissolves itself
And leaves no remnant by -
'Tis Anguish not a Feather hath
Or too much weight to fly -

I was much refreshed by your strong Letter -

Thank you for Greatness - I will have deserved it in a longer time!

I thought I spoke to you of the shadow -

It affects me -

This was still another -

I saw it's notice in the Papers just before you came - Is there a magazinine called the "Woman's Journal"? I think it was said to be in that - a Gate, or Door, or Latch -

Someone called me suddenly, and I never found it -

You told me Mrs Lowell was Mr Lowell's "inspiration" What is inspiration?

You place the truth in opposite - because the fear is mine, dear friend, and the power your's -

'Tis Glory's far sufficiency
that make's our trying poor -

far sufficiency] overtakelessness
trying] running

With the Kingdom of Heaven on his knee, could Mr Emerson hesitate?

"Suffer little Children" -

Could you not come without the Lecture, if the project failed?

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