letters from dickinson to higginson

November 1871

I did not read Mr Miller because I could not care about him-

Transport is not urged-

Mrs Hunt's Poems are stronger than any written by Women since Mrs-Browning, with the exception of Mrs Lewes-but truth like Ancestor's Brocades can stand alone-You speak of ''Men and Women.'' That is a broad Book-"Bells and Pomegranates" I never saw but have Mrs Browning's endorsement. While Shakespeare remains Literature is firm-

An Insect cannot run away with Achilles' Head. Thank you for having written the ''Atlantic Essays.'' They are a fine Joy-though to possess the ingredient for Congratulation renders congratulation superfluous.

Dear friend, I trust you as you ask - If I exceed permission, excuse the bleak simplicity that knew no tutor but the North. Would you but guide


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