letters from dickinson to higginson

July 1875

Dear friend.

Mother was very ill, but is now easier, and the Doctor thinks that in more Days she may partly improve. She was ignorant at the time and her Hand and Foot left her, and when she asks me the name of her sickness - I deceive for the first time. She asks for my Father, constantly, and thinks it rude he does not come - begging me not to retire at night, lest no one receive him. I am pleased that what grieves ourself so much-can no more grieve him. To have been immortal transcends to become so. Thank you for being sorry.

I thought it value to hear your voice, though at so great distance- Home is so far from Home, since my Father died.

The courtesy to my Brother and Sisters I gave and replace, and think those safe who see your Face.

Your Scholar.

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