letters from dickinson to higginson

February 1876

There is so much that is tenderly profane in even the sacredest Human Life - that perhaps it is instinct and not design, that dissuades us from it.

The Treason of an accent
Might Ecstasy transfer-
Of her effacing Fathom
Is no Recoverer-

It makes me happy to send you the Book. Thank you for accepting it, and please not to own "Daniel Deronda" till I bring it, when it is done. You ask me if I see any one-Judge Lord was with me a week in October and I talked with Father's Clergyman once, and once with Mr Bowles. Little-wayfaring acts-comprise my "pursuits"-and a few moments at night, for Books-after the rest sleep. Candor-my Preceptor- is the only wile. Did you not teach me that yourself, in the "Prelude" to "Malbone"? You once told me of "printing but a few Poems." I hoped it implied you possessed more -------

Would you show me-one? You asked me if I liked the cold-but it is warm now. A mellow Rain is falling.

It wont be ripe till April- How luscious is the dripping of Febuary eaves! It makes our thinking Pink-

It antedates the Robin-Bereaving in prospective that Febuary leaves -------

Thank you for speaking kindly.

I often go Home in thought to you.

Your Scholar-

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