letters from dickinson to higginson

spring 1876

But two had mentioned the "Spring" to me-yourself and the Revelations. "I-Jesus-have sent mine Angel."

I inferred your touch in the Papers on Lowell and Emerson - It is delicate that each Mind is itself, like a distinct Bird-

I was lonely there was an "Or" in that beautiful "I would go to Amherst," though grieved for it's cause. I wish your friend had my strength for I dont care for roving- She perhaps might, though to re- main with you is Journey - To abstain from "Daniel Deronda" is hard - you are very kind to be willing. I would have liked to wait, but "Sue" smuggled it under my Pillow, and to wake so near it overpowered me- I am glad "Immortality" pleased you. I believed it would. I suppose even God himself could not withhold that now-When I think of my Father's lonely Life and his lonelier Death, there is this redress-

Take all away-
The only thing worth larceny
Is left-the Immortality-

My earliest friend wrote me the week before he died "If I live, I will go to Amherst- if I die, I certainly will."

Is your House deeper off?

Your Scholar

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