letters from dickinson to higginson

August 1877

Dear friend -

The flower was Jasmin. I am glad if it pleased your friend. It is next dearest to Daphne - except Wild flowers - those are dearer - I have a friend in Dresden, who thinks the love of the Field a misplaced affection - and says he will send me a Meadow that is better than Summer's. If he does, I will send it to you.

I have read nothing of Tourgueneff's, but thank you for telling me - and will seek him immediately. I hoped you might show me something of your's - one of the "few Verses" - the "scarcely any," you called them. Could you be willing now? Reprove me if I longed too bold - but I wished nothing so much -

You asked me if I wrote now?

I have no other Playmate -

I send you a Gale, and an Epitaph - and a Word to a Friend, and a Blue Bird, for Mrs Higginson. Excuse them if they are untrue -

Since you cease to teach me, how could I improve?

Your Pupil.

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