letters from dickinson to higginson

early November 1878

Dear friend,

It was joyful that you came-I saw the Steamer's name-though saddened to me by Mother's illness - who broke her Hip in June - soon after I wrote you and was since helpless-It was thought for many weeks she must die, but she has grown easier, though not of power to lift her Head for a Glass of Water.-

I missed yourself and Mr Bowles, and without a Father, seemed even vaster than before. To see you would be almost Hope- I had a sweet Forenoon with Mrs Jackson recently, who brought her Husband to me for the first time- I hope that you are strong and refreshed by Travel and ask for you not Peace, for that would be treason to those that sleep, but confiding Patience-To hope with the Imagination is inevitable, but to remember - with it is the most consecrated ecstasy of the Will-

Your Scholar-

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