letters from dickinson to higginson

spring 1880

Dear friend-

Most of our Moments are Moments of Preface-"Seven Weeks" is a long Life - if it is all lived -

The little Memoir was very touching. I am sorry she was not willing to stay-

The flight of such a fraction takes all our Numbers Home-

"Room for one more" was a plea for Heaven-

I misunderstood-Heaven must be a lone exchange for such a parentage-

These sudden intimacies with Immortality, are expanse-not Peace-as Lightning at our feet, instills a foreign Landscape. Thank you for the Portrait-it is beautiful, but intimidating-I shall pick "May flowers" more furtively, and feel new awe of "Moonlight."

The route of your little Fugitive must be a tender wonder - and yet

A Dimple in the Tomb
Makes that ferocious Room
A Home-

Your Scholar-

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