letters from dickinson to higginson

about 1881

Dear friend,

Thank you for the consent I am eager to verify-

It grieves me that anything disturb you-the dearer sorrow of which you spoke, or less lovely care-Both fears, I hope may pass away - We dwell as when you saw us - the mighty dying of my Father made no external change-Mother and Sister are with me, and my Brother and pseudo Sister, in the nearest House-When Father lived I remained with him because he would miss me-Now, Mother is helpless - a holier demand-

I do not go away, but the Grounds are ample-almost travel-to me, and the few that I knew-came-since my Father died-

I should rejoice to see you, and had earnestly asked you to my Home with your sweet friend, but for a Cowardice of Strangers I cannot resist, and my Mother's illness. I trust the Life of which you spoke is in no peril, and every unconferred Bliss tenderly in store-It is solemn to remember that Vastness-is but the Shadow of the Brain which casts it-

All things swept sole away
This-is immensity-

Your Scholar

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