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BULLET"Success is counted sweetest" (P 67)
BULLET"South Winds jostle them-" (P 86)
BULLET"Safe in their Alabaster Chambers -" (P 216)
BULLET"Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple" (P 228)
BULLET"That after Horror- that 'twas us-" (P 286)
BULLET"Your Riches - taught me - Poverty." (P 299)
BULLET"I'll tell you how the Sun rose -" (P 318)
BULLET"The nearest Dream recedes - unrealized -" (P 319)
BULLET"We play at Paste -" (P 320)
BULLET"Of all the Sounds despatched abroad," (P 321)
BULLET"There came a Day at Summer's full," (P 322)
BULLET"As if I asked a common Alms," (P 323)
BULLET"Some keep the Sabbath going to Church-" (P 324)
BULLET"Of Tribulation-these are They," (P 325)
BULLET"I cannot dance upon my Toes-" (P 326)
BULLET"Before I got my eye put out" (P 327)
BULLET"A Bird came down the Walk-" (P 328)
BULLET"Dare you see a Soul at the White Heat?" (P 365)
BULLET"The Soul unto itself" (P 683)
BULLET"Best Gains-must have the Losses' Test-" (P 684)
BULLET"Not "Revelation"-'tis-that waits," (P 685)
BULLET"They say that "Time assuages" -" (P 686)
BULLET"The Luxury to apprehend" (P 815)
BULLET"A Death blow is a Life blow to Some" (P 816)
BULLET"The Wind begun to knead the Grass-" (P 824)
BULLET"The Only News I know" (P 827)
BULLET"The Robin is the One" (P 828)
BULLET"Ample make this Bed-" (P 829)
BULLET"A narrow Fellow in the Grass" (P 986)
BULLET"I heard, as if I had no Ear" (P 1039)
BULLET"Except the smaller size" (P 1067)
BULLET"Further in Summer than the Birds" (P 1068)
BULLET"Paradise is of the option." (P 1069)
BULLET"To undertake is to achieve" (P 1070)
BULLET"Trust adjusts her "Peradventure"-" (P 1161)
BULLET"When I hoped I feared -" (P 1181)
BULLET"Remembrance has a Rear and Front -" (P 1182)
BULLET"Step lightly on this narrow spot -" (P 1183)
BULLET"The Days that we can spare" (P 1184)
BULLET"Immortal is an ample word" (P 1205)
BULLET"The Show is not the Show" (P 1206)
BULLET"He preached upon "Breadth" till it argued him narrow -" (P 1207)
BULLET"Our own possessions - though our own" (P 1208)
BULLET"To disappear enhances - " (P 1209)
BULLET"The Sea said "Come" to the Brook -" (P 1210)
BULLET"The Stars are old, that stood for me -" (P 1249)
BULLET"Longing is like the Seed" (P 1255)
BULLET"Not any higher stands the Grave" (P 1256)
BULLET"Dominion lasts until obtained -" (P 1257)
BULLET"Who were "the Father and the Son"" (P 1258)
BULLET"A Wind that rose" (P 1259)
BULLET"Because that you are going" (P 1260)
BULLET"The things we thought that we should do" (P 1293)
BULLET"Of Life to own" (P 1294)
BULLET"To his simplicity" (P 1352)
BULLET"The last of Summer is Delight -" (P 1353)
BULLET"The Heart is the Capital of the Mind -" (P 1354)
BULLET"The Mind lives on the Heart" (P 1355)
BULLET"The Rat is the concisest Tenant" (P 1356)
BULLET"'Faithful to the end' Amended" (P 1357)
BULLET"The Treason of an accent" (P 1358)
BULLET"The long sigh of the Frog" (P 1359)
BULLET"I sued the News - yet feared - the News" (P 1360)
BULLET"The Flake the Wind exasperate" (P 1361)
BULLET"Of their peculiar light" (P 1362)
BULLET"Summer laid her simple Hat" (P 1363)
BULLET"How know it from a Summer's Day?" (P 1364)
BULLET"Take all away -" (P 1365)
BULLET"These held their Wick above the West -" (P 1390)
BULLET"They might not need me - yet they might -" (P 1391)
BULLET"Hope is a strange invention -" (P 1392)
BULLET"Lay this Laurel on the One" (P 1393)
BULLET"Whose Pink career may have a close" (P 1394)
BULLET"After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside -" (P 1395)
BULLET"She laid her docile Crescent down" (P 1396)
BULLET"It sounded as if the Streets were running" (P 1397)
BULLET"I have no Life but this -" (P 1398)
BULLET"Perhaps they do not go so far" (P 1399)
BULLET"How brittle are the Piers" (P 1433)
BULLET"We knew not that we were to live" (P 1462)
BULLET"A Route of Evanescence" (P 1463)
BULLET"One thing of it we borrow" (P 1464)
BULLET"The Savior must have been" (P 1487)
BULLET"A Dimple in the Tomb" (P 1489)
BULLET"The Face in evanescence lain" (P 1490)
BULLET"Mine Enemy is growing old -" (P 1509)
BULLET"How happy is the little Stone" (P 1510)
BULLET"My country need not change her gown," (P 1511)
BULLET"All things swept sole away" (P 1512)
BULLET"'Go traveling with us!'" (P 1513)
BULLET"As imperceptibly as Grief" (P 1540)
BULLET"Come show thy Durham Brest" (P 1542)
BULLET"Obtaining but our own Extent" (P 1543)
BULLET"No Brigadier throughout the Year" (P 1561)
BULLET"Pass to they Rendezvous of Light" (P 1564)
BULLET"Climbing to reach the costly Hearts" (P 1566)
BULLET"Not knowing when the Dawn will come," (P 1619)
BULLET"Of Glory not a Beam is left" (P 1647)
BULLET"The immortality she gave" (P 1648)

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