letters from dickinson to jane humphrey

23 March 1852

Thank you for the Catalogue, dear Jennie - why did you run away from N. England and Vinnie and me?

Jennie did'nt answer the letter I sent her a long ago, but I am not angry with her. The snows have covered Abby in her sweet churchyard rest. I was going to pick a leaf from the tree nearest her grave and send it in here, Jennie, but I thought I might disturb her - and besides the leaves are faded and would only make you cry. Your sister Helen will be very near us Jennie. I shall hope to see her sweet face when I go to Northampton with father.

Now Jennie, dont forget me and I will remember you and some sweet summer's day in the future I shall meet you - if not on earth, Jennie, I will somewhere else - you know where!

The folks at the West must be kind to you - tell them to be for my sake - they will not refuse me.

I send you a taste Jennie, of E. Kellogg's wedding cake - you remember her, dont you? Eat it tearfully, Jennie, for it came all the way from me!

Very aff


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