letters from dickinson to the jenkins family

To Jonathan L. Jenkins
From ED

August 1878

There would have been no smile on Amherst's Face, had she believed her Clergyman's sweet wife to be suffering, but the Paper spoke so obligingly, we thought it an accident that endeared - rather than endangered - That Sorrow dare to touch the Loved is a mournful insult - we are all avenging it all the time, though as Lowell quotes from the Stranger "Live - live even to be unkind" -

It is hard to think of your "little Friend" as a Sufferer - we - peculiarly know how hard, through our suffering Mother - but the tiniest ones are the mightiest - the Wren will prevail -

Mother asked me last Sabbath "why Father did'nt come from Church," and ["] if Mr Jenkins preached"?

I told her he did and that Father had lingered to speak with him - It was touching that harm should suggest "Amherst." "Bruised for our inqiuities" I had almost feared - Amherst - tell her - suggests her - each of you - my Shepherd, and will - while will remains -


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