letters from dickinson to martha dickinson

October 1884

We almost question where we are, without our martial Mattie, Flag and Drum in one, and but for a deceiving Shower just at Ned's departure, should have assured her so in Flowers -

One Bin in the Ancestral Cellar was filled with Jessamine last night, for that enchanting purpose - but Destiny mistook, so they shall go again - "Much is to learn, and much to forget, ere the time be come for" dowering "you -" Browning told me so-

That "Homesickness in the back of the Neck" to which I referred, I fear has transpired, though to have been the missing Hero is it's own reward -

I recall with a pang the lovely Suppers you last Summer brought me, Niece "of my better Days" - endearing you prospectively, as also at the Time - and wish I might respond in some way enriching way, now you are far hence -

The Bluebirds are singing cherubically, and all the Colors "we know or think" are prancing in the Tress -

Be true to yourself, Mattie, and "Honor and Immortality" - although the first will do - the last is only inferential, and I shall be prouder of you than I am, which would be unbecoming -

Aunt Emily -

with love -

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